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Image Scale stores, serves, and transforms your images.

You upload images. You can then serve the original or transformed (e.g. scaled) images.

Image Scale is designed to be fast, fault tolerant, and to scale to the size of any business. You can trust Image Scale for all your image needs, no matter how big or small.

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$ curl \ -XPOST \ -H "x-img-api-key: $API_KEY" \ -F file=@example.jpg \
{ "id": "3kc8ov1udsf7h3w6", "url": "", "secureUrl": "", ···
"creationDate": "2016-04-22T14:40:14.311-07:00", "access": "public", "size": 637206, "width": 1933, "height": 1034, "mimeType": "image/jpeg", "fileExtension": "jpg", "originalFilename": "example.jpg"

You can also upload images by giving a publicly accessible URL or by POSTing a JSON object with a base 64 encoded image.

If you don't want to use Image Scale generated IDs, You can specify your own.

See the docs for more information.


$ curl https://${service.user-web.domain}/image/3kc8ov1udsf7h3w6.jpg > image.jpg

This retrieves the original uploaded image.

$ curl https://${service.user-web.domain}/image/3kc8ov1udsf7h3w6.jpg/t/r-300x200 > image.300x200.jpg

This retrieves a scaled image to fit within a 300x200 pixel rectangle.

Serve an Image Before Upload Has Completed

Uploading images is slow. You can request an image before upload has completed, or even before upload has began. Your request will block until image upload has completed.

Step 1: Allocate an ID
$ curl \ -XGET \ -H "x-img-api-key: $API_KEY" \
{ "id": "luzogr8ggnyp0kzr", "access": "private" }

Once the ID is allocated, you can request the image. The image request will block until the image is uploaded.

Step 2: Upload the Image
$ curl \ -XPUT \ -H "x-img-api-key: $API_KEY" \ -F file=@example.png \
{ "id": "luzogr8ggnyp0kzr", "url": "", "secureUrl": "", ···
"creationDate": "2016-04-22T14:40:14.311-07:00", "access": "private", "size": 637206, "width": 1933, "height": 1034, "mimeType": "image/png", "fileExtension": "png", "originalFilename": "example.jpg"


Your first 100MB of bandwidth is free.

After that, you will pay

  • $0.08/GB of bandwidth per month
  • $0.50/GB of images stored per month
  • Minimum charge of $10/month

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